About xenixchain

Drawing from the pioneering legacy of Bitcoin and Ravencoin, XenixChain (XNXI) emerges as a visionary fork, aimed at enhancing the blockchain landscape with its distinctive features and community-focused innovations.
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Community and Ecosystem

Heart of XenixChain

Our vibrant community of users, developers, miners, and investors is the cornerstone of XenixChain, reflecting the collaborative spirit that Bitcoin introduced to the world

Supportive Ecosystem

By encouraging open-source development, collaboration, and innovation, XenixChain nurtures a supportive and active ecosystem, aiming to extend the legacy of communal advancement that Bitcoin exemplifies.

Community Feedback

Valuing community feedback and participation as essential to our project’s success and ongoing evolution, XenixChain embraces the inclusive, decentralized ethos that has been pivotal in Bitcoin’s journey.


Mining Pool

XenixChain miners can utilize their GPUs to mine effectively with our official mining pool partners. Get started by visiting XenixPool or SomeGuy Mining Pool. The Kawpow mining algorithm, optimized for GPU mining, ensures efficient mining operations. 

Blockchain Explorer

Stay up-to-date with the XenixChain blockchain status on our blockchain explorer. On there you will find transaction data, wallet balances, network stats, mining info, and more.



1.23 Billion

Block Reward
500 XNXI

Mining Algo


Phase 1
Q2 2024
Establish core development team
Define project specifications and goals
Set up community channels and initiate marketing strategies
Conduct thorough testing to ensure stability and security
Phase 2
Q3 2024
Launch XenixChain website and social media channels
Engage with the community through forums, AMAs, and social media
Initiate marketing campaigns to raise awareness
Continue community engagement and marketing efforts
Phase 3
Q4 2024
Establish partnerships with developers and projects interested in building on XenixChain
Conduct security audits
Foster partnerships with businesses and merchants for XenixChain adoption
Continue community outreach and engagement
Phase 4
Q1 2025
Regularly update and improve the XenixChain protocol
Explore additional technological advancements and scalability solutions
Expand the ecosystem through strategic partnerships and community-driven initiatives
Work towards listing XenixChain on more major cryptocurrency exchanges


Is XenixChain Mineable?

Yes, XenixChain utilizes Kawpow Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism for block generation and validation. It is CPU and GPU friendly.

How fast are transactions?

Transactions on XenixChain happen 5x times faster than on Bitcoin.

Are there any wallets available for XenixChain?

Yes, we provide desktop wallets on Windows and Linux.

Do you have a premine?

Yes, We have premine for 500000 coin for Liquidity for exchange on the website.

How is the block reward distributed?

Block rewards are distributed among miners based on their contribution to the network's security and consensus.

Does XenixChain have a block halving?

Yes, XenixChain implements a halving event approximately every 5 years.